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How to do keyword research for YouTube

Let’s know about how to do keyword research for YouTube In today’s competitive digital marketing environment, knowing which keywords to target for your website or YouTube channel is absolutely crucial for success. But how do you go about researching which keywords are the best fit for your business? In this article, we’ll show you how to do keyword research for YouTube using Google AdWords and Google Trends.


What is keyword research?

How to do keyword research for YouTube

Keyword research is the process of finding specific keywords that your website or video content can be targeted towards. By knowing what keywords people are searching for, you can create content that is more likely to be found by interested viewers. There are many ways to do keyword research, but one of the most common methods is to use Google AdWords.


How to do keyword research for YouTube

How to do keyword research for YouTube

When it comes to finding the right keywords for your YouTube channel, you have a few options. One way is to use Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This tool allows you to input a list of keywords and receive suggestions for related keywords. You can also use tools like SEMrush and Moz to track the competition for specific keywords and see which ones are performing the best.

Once you have identified the keywords that are suitable for your channel, you need to determine what content they should appear in. For example, if your keyword is “travel tips,” you might want to include blog posts about traveling or guides on how to travel affordably. You also need to think about who your target audience is and what topics they are interested in. For example, if your target audience is people who are planning a trip, you might write posts about different destinations or tips on how to save money while traveling.


Types of keywords

– Keyword research for a website is different than research for a channel on YouTube.

– For websites, you want to focus on long-tail keywords that aren’t already being used by other websites.

– For channels, you want to focus on the main keywords that are most relevant to your topic.


How to find related keywords


Keyword research for YouTube can be a daunting task if you don’t have a good strategy in place. There are a lot of different factors to take into account, but by following these simple steps you can get started on the right track.


  1. Start by identifying your target audience.

Your first step is to figure out who you want to reach with your video content. This includes figuring out what topics are popular among your target audience and researching relevant keywords.


  1. Analyze your competition.

Once you know what topics interest your target audience, it’s time to study your competitors. Look at their videos and see which keywords they’re targeting and how they’re ranking for those terms. This information will give you insights into where to focus your efforts and help you create better content overall.


  1. Choose the right keywords.

Once you’ve determined which keywords to target, it’s time to start acquiring them using keyword research tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Moz’s Keyword Tool. Consider including multiple keywords throughout your video content, as well as in the title and meta description tags. This will make it easier for viewers to find your content and enable you to generate more traffic


How to use keyword research for YouTube


If you’re looking to increase your viewership on YouTube, optimizing your videos for keywords is a must. Here’s how you can use keyword research to help you get the most out of your channel:


  1. Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

This tool is essential for finding relevant keywords that are both important and advertiser-friendly. Simply enter your video title and a few keywords, and Google will show you ads that have been specifically tailored to those terms. (Note: If you’re using a paid account, you can also exclude specific countries or states from analysis.)


  1. Use YouTube’s “SEO Suggestions” feature.

After creating a new video, click the three lines in the top left corner of the screen (beside the “Recommendations” heading), and then click “SEO Suggestions.” This will display a list of suggested keywords related to the video content. You can also add any keywords of your own by clicking the “Edit Keywords” button next to each suggestion.


  1. Ask your viewers for input.

One of the best ways to find relevant keywords for YouTube.




In order to find high-quality videos for your channel, you’ll need to do some keyword research. There are a few different methods you can use to get started, and each has its own pros and cons. Ultimately, the method that works best for you will depend on the information you have available and the resources you have at your disposal. However, by following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to finding amazing videos that will resonate with your audience.


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